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Mr. Clerkley, San Francisco, California

I attended a 3 day workshop given by Dr. Mikhail in Northern California during the first week of September 2014. I was amazed at the professional nature of his presentation and material. I feel if I can duplicate his selling technique, I will definitely be able to reach all of my sales goals in the future.

Thanks so much Dr. Mikhail

Mr. Clerkley

Mrs. Hinman, Denver, Colorado 

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Dr. Mikhail's training classes. I was so happy to have him share the simplicity of this business that we tend to make so complicated! I appreciated not only the passion Dr. Mikhail showed for his own business, but to see the passion I know he puts forth in helping his students! I look forward to a long term business relationship with him as he guides me in growing my business!

Thank you Dr Mikhail

Andrea H.

Mr. Schultz, Seattle, Washington

I was fortunate enough to attend Dr. Mikhail's training workshop in July and feel that it was extremely worthwhile.  His selling concepts and the way that he approaches getting client information and presenting guaranteed lifetime income to a client is very simple and easy to present.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to take his or her income to the next level.

Thank you

Mr. Schultz